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Man with a journal reviewing a sales cycle for his business

What is my Sales Cycle?

When I was asked “What is your Sales Cycle” shortly after I started my business, I thought they were referring to a pipeline as a cycle. After a while and asking what the question meant, it was more about the types of strong and weak cycles we experience. A sales cycle can often relate to …

profitability graphs graphically placed over plans and documents regarding kpi for profit

KPI for Profit

The Key Performance Indicator, or KPI for profit is not revenue minus expenses. A KPI is a reflection of an important aspect of your business. KPI’s can be built around number of clients, tickets, staff members and practically anything you can measure. KPI’s are the flag that pops up and gets your attention. A KPI …

round rimmed glasses rest on a profit and loss statement

Monitor Your Finances Profit and Loss Statement

One of the many key tools you have which measures your business performance is the profit and loss statement. It can provide insight into your costs, profits, expenses, revenue and much more! As an entrepreneur moving into an MSP startup, understanding your financial documents is essential. The profit and loss statement is your first and …