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graphic arrangement of employee candidates with a hand seeking best new tech advice

Best New Tech Advice

Every so often, someone who is seeking to begin a life in IT reaches out to me to get some new tech advice. Typically, the question is broad, and it leads to asking for some work. I almost always take these calls if I can. There have been too many times we get under-prepared candidates …

Image shows two men in a job interview and one is hiring great techs

Tips for Hiring Great Techs

Hiring great techs is something of an art form. With every year, there’s new things to adapt to and as good as any list can be, things change! When this article is updated, I’ll make sure to leave a note so you can keep coming back to it. I’m going to cover the job description …

Man who is an Msp startup with pictures of people deciding when to hire employees

When to Hire Employees

A very often asked question of new or growing business owners is when to hire employees. The answer is not very cut and dry, as there are a ton of factors about it. One thing I do know, most business owners wait too long. After I started my business the first task, I needed to …